Why Secret Santa is the only way to do Christmas as a student

Why Secret Santa is the only way to do Christmas as a student

Secret Santa is not just for mom’s bookclub, colleagues and over-achieving school committees. Here is how you can use it with your family and friends so you'll still have money left over for your holiday this year.

Current feels..

Exams are done, marks are out and we’ve already blown our month's budget on post exam celebrations, 7’s and New Years plans. And while we have no ragrets, we are now stuck on how on earth we are going to get through our Christmas shopping. The answer… is SECRET SANTA!




What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is an organised way of buying Christmas presents for a group of people. Instead of buying all of your friends and family individual presents, which firstly breaks the bank and secondly drains all your holiday creativity, you just have to buy one gift and gift it to one person in the group. 

How Does it work?

You form a group with your friends or family, and draw a name from a hat. To make your life even easier have your friends all write a wish-list before the time. This way no matter who you draw, shopping for them will be a breeze. Set a spending limit of, for example R 200, and that will literally be all you spend this Christmas. Then you can give your gifts on Christmas day or at a get together of your choice.   

And if you’re not convinced already, here are all the reasons why Secret Santa is the only way to do Christmas:

Shop for only one gift 

Save money

Save time

Feel relaxed. You don’t have to stress about who you actually are obliged to buy a gift for. Do you buy something for Sam who is in your circle but you don’t really see one on one? 

Avoid those awkward unreciprocated surprise presents from Laura who you only talk to on the class group chat 

Include everyone with minimal effort

Avoid uncomfortable fake smiles about presents you hate from your Uncle’s third wife 

And finally, get exactly what’s on your wish-list, for once





Sign me UP!!

You can of course do this all by hand but if you want to digitise it all, we suggest using secret santa organizer 





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